Why I Hustle


Farming is a truly difficult profession.  If a farmer is going to succeed in feeding their community, they need to have incredible physical stamina, tried, true, and synchronized skills as a mechanic, biologist, and sales person, and a clear, savvy business acumen.  All the while, keeping their eye on the weather and hands in the soil. Out of gratitude and immense respect for the hands that feed me, I have spent that last decade hustling for farmers to help them succeed in a sustainable, responsible way. I hustle to help my farmer friends grow sales and build lasting relationships, tackle logistical and operational challenges, diversify revenue streams, and streamline internal processes. I look forward to continuing to serve California's small farms in whatever way is helpful to grow their businesses and expand our local food ecosystem. 

–Tahnee Shields, Chief Hustler

All photography provided by Colin Price