Good Eggs

Produce sourcing manager

February 2013–January 2016

When I started working at Good Eggs, the small team of 15 consisted of Rob and Alon, the founders, and a handful of engineers looking to use their tech prowess to grow local food systems worldwide. I stepped onto the operations team when the company was realizing that building software to grow local food systems simply wasn’t enough to get the job done. Completing the last leg of distribution from the farmer to the customer was the missing piece of the puzzle.  

My experience working on produce farms landed me on a team that was tasked with building the produce program. In my three years at Good Eggs, we onboarded over 50 local farmers, created complex inventory systems to manage their goods, physically received and handled their produce, and sought to develop a viable new online sales channel for our community of partner farms.

Building an online marketplace to sell fresh produce presented a multitude of problems to solve, ranging from designing curation strategies (how many varieties of peaches is too many at peak season?) to how to best communicate to our customers what to expect in the “bunch” of carrots they purchased online. With a team of amazing produce-loving people, we created solutions to a multitude of challenges that are still being used in the current Good Eggs operation.

By partnering with farmers in a meaningful way--sharing risk, collaborating to find solutions to unique problems, and building long lasting, trusting relationships, my ability to problem solve and hustle on behalf of farmers became second nature, and sent me out into the world with a solidified passion to help farmers grow their businesses.