Mission Community Market

 Interim Market Manager

 April 2017–October 2017

The Mission Community Market is located in the heart of the Mission District in San Francisco, and serves a lively, diverse, and evolving demographic of community members. If you haven’t been, definitely take time out of your week to stroll through this unique mid-week market to meet a wide range of farmers, listen to live music, and grab dinner with your family.

The beginning of the 7th season at Mission Community Market was met with significant challenges. The historic rains and flooding of the 2016–2017 winter caused many of the market's most dedicated farmers to start their season late, which left noticeable gaps in the assortment at market. In addition to the rains, the location of the market had been inconvenienced with multiple construction projects which diverted foot traffic from the market. When the opportunity to work as their interim manager came my way, I was up for the challenge of building out the right mix of farmers and foodmakers to drive new customers to market and re-engage lapsed market goers.

By the end of my time managing the market, I had helped to onboard three new produce farms, two new ranches, and a prepared food vendor. These additions not only rounded out the assortment of what customers could rely on to be at the MCM market, but it helped to build a larger, stronger community of farmers who benefitted from the weekly revenue at market. By the time we found the right person to manage the market long term, I had completed the work I was hired to do in curating the market, as well as setting the tone for many successful seasons to come.