Say Hay Farms

Harvest Crew Member

2016 Community Farm Dinner Coordinator

I met Chris Hay, Owner-Operator and farmer of Say Hay Farms, back in 2013. It was the early days of Good Eggs, and I was in the process of onboarding local farms that shared in the company’s mission of growing and sustaining local food systems. The pitch–to share in the risk of trying to build an online grocery delivery service–wasn’t easy. These were the days just before the food delivery service really started booming, and Chris Hay is an intelligent businessman with an amazingly pragmatic approach. By deciding to partner and grow together, Say Hay Farms came onboard and is still selling their beautiful organic row crops and chicken eggs through Good Eggs today.

When I moved on from Good Eggs, I was eager to get back outside, working with the land and directly with people who benefitted from the hard work of our farming community. Chris welcomed me onto his farm as part of his harvest crew, as well as a farmers’ market rep a couple days a week.

In addition to working on the farm, Chris tasked me with coordinating his annual Community Farm Dinner which takes place on his farm in Esparto. The Say Hay community dinners welcome the farms’ CSA customers, wholesale buyers, and farmers’ market customers to come out and see where the magic happens, sharing a meal with food produced on the farm.

Chris and I worked together to plan, market, and execute a farm dinner for over 250 people. The work included coordinating a robust volunteer team, creating digital and paper marketing materials, designing family friendly activities that were both educational and fun, and communicating with Chef Chris Chapman to prepare a beautiful mid-summer meal served in the herb garden.  

Community is a pillar of the work Chris and his crew do at Say Hay. They energetically grow food for the people that support his farm, be it wholesale produce buyers, their CSA members, or farmers’ market customers. Helping to coordinate the annual party that honors these relationships was a honor, and I definitely look forward to doing it again.


Photo Credit Stephen Texeira